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A proven solution towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

A proven solution towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

The company combines real, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals, personalized coaching and an education platform supported by behavioural psychology

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By Janice Cheng

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  • Mainstream diet fads contribute to the cycle of cravings because they fail to address all the hidden added sugars, refined grains and processed ingredients in these diets
  • Plantable Health is the first clinically supported lifestyle program that combines delicious plant-based nutrition and behavioural psychology to reset metabolic health
  • The company uses an immersive experience as part of its flagship program to not only educate people and address the root issue of sugar addiction, but also to reset cravings entirely

COVID-19 has shown us that there are no shortcuts or fad solutions to a global health crisis. But this hasn’t been the same treatment for obesity — a worldwide epidemic itself. It’s no secret that today’s modern diet is full of unhealthy food. According to the World Health Organization, “obesity is a condition involving excessive body fat accumulation beyond standards,” and 73 per cent of people in the U.S. are obese or overweight. We’ve gone from eating to fulfill appetites to eating to satisfy taste buds. Our bodies have changed, and now people are craving a reset.

Mainstream diet fads don’t address how our metabolic mechanisms have shifted, or how our bodies are filled with added sugars, refined grains and processed ingredients. They feed into that cycle of cravings instead of stopping it. Obesity isn’t because we’re lazy or eat too much. What’s most misunderstood about this global epidemic is that it’s not our fault.

Many diet fads are not backed by research and can cause more harm than good. SUPPLIED
Many diet fads are not backed by research and can cause more harm than good. SUPPLIED

We’ve seen the ads for weight-loss shakes and skinny teas through the years, and these fads get pricey. In addition to being unsustainable and lacking scientific support, they also do not offer any evidence that they’re beneficial for our health and are often filled with sugar, sweeteners and chemicals. In this never-ending cycle, an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. Amongst that, US$33 billion is spent annually on weight-loss products.

So where has this gone wrong? We’ve been taught to eat less, but that isn’t the solution if the very food we are eating is driving further hunger. For meaningful change, we must relearn to eat in favour of whole foods with real, unprocessed ingredients. Backed by scientific research and clinical trials, Plantable Health Inc. (NEO: PLBL) is the first to genuinely do it right.

We’re the combination of a digital health platform recognizing the importance and power of coaching and education, with the actual delivery of nutrient-dense meals, not only for ease and convenience but prepared for certain metabolic requirements. We bring people into a fully immersive experience.

Nadja Pinnavaia, CEO, Plantable Health Inc.

It’s time to go all-in on better health and nutrition

The company was founded by Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia, who started researching how diet has an incredible impact on our health and wellbeing after losing her father at a young age and her mother to breast cancer. Prior to starting Plantable, Nadja was a managing director at Goldman Sachs in London for 12 years. Since founding the company, she personally invested over $1.5 million into the business to make a genuine, sustainable lifestyle change from how people eat, exercise and make decisions.

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Making any new lifestyle adjustment is hard. To ensure this change is as smooth and sustainable as possible for every customer, Plantable’s 28-day Reboot program brings together the delivery of real, delicious and nutritionally prepared meals, one-on-one coaching for personal support and motivation, and an education platform backed by behavioural psychology. Customers are delivered six lunches and six dinners once a week, with guidance for breakfast, side salads and snacks. The real-life one-on-one coaching makes the program unique to everyone.

“We are trying to understand each person’s life constraints, how we can help them with routine, and stay a step ahead to make the right choices, one decision one at a time,” says Pinnavaia, “with a coach, and not a bot” to build a real relationship.

People are hungry for change — not another trend. This was obvious to Plantable when the company sold over $1.4 million in programs through customer referrals and organic word-of-mouth alone, with close to zero outbound marketing. The program is making tidal waves with its impressive success. Throughout 2021, the company was able to close financings for total proceeds of $6.0 million. On Jan. 12, 2022, its common shares commenced trading on the tier 1 NEO exchange under the symbol “PLBL,” and has since commenced trading in the United States with the symbol “PLBLF.”

The Reboot program is a 28-day program designed for sustainable change. SUPPLIED
The Reboot program is a 28-day program designed for sustainable change. SUPPLIED

Seeded in research, Plantable has taken the lead as a genuine, scientific healthcare company. Its foundational results have formed the basis of clinical trials with leading medical institutions including Memorial Sloan Kettering, and soon to commence Weill Cornell and Johns Hopkins. The clinical trials are focused on two of the three most commonly occurring cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. The goal here is to help prove the program’s long-term efficacy in weight loss and in improving the metabolic markers associated with chronic disease, including a reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, and blood sugar. Results of the trials are expected later this year.

A core part of the Reboot program is educating people and bringing them into an immersive experience, not only to address the root issue of the sugar merry-go-round, but to reset cravings entirely. With your very own coach, the Reboot program brings you into a real, whole, unprocessed way of eating.

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A food and behavioural company backed by clinical data

Another reason the Reboot program has been so successful is the behavioural psychology support it provides for each individual. The Reboot program works with the neuroscience of understanding people’s behaviours, and the true addictions we have to the overconsumption of added sugar, highly processed grains and animal-based products. Instead, the program serves delicious, nutritionally balanced wholefood, plant-based meals that are filled with plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates and good-for-you fat. The meals are designed not only for satiety but also to keep blood sugar steady, altering hormonal responses (like insulin and leptin) with the result of making behaviour change now and for the long-term.

Each customer is welcomed with a 30-minute call to form a relationship with their coach, and build support, trust and accountability. Paired with education, they can understand the “why” for something like sugar substitutes not being the best pick for their morning coffee and help them learn what a good accessible alternative might be, keeping that all important blood sugar steady. No more arbitrary vilifying of the way we see carbs and fats, but helping people make the right decisions for their bodies, one choice at a time.

Plantable offers direct, unlimited access to a personal coach to guide you and help you stay on track. SUPPLIED
Plantable offers direct, unlimited access to a personal coach to guide you and help you stay on track. SUPPLIED

Paving the way for insurance coverage

Obesity and other diet-related chronic conditions are driving escalating and unsustainable healthcare costs. In the U.S. alone, six out of 10 adults have at least one diet-related chronic disease, which can be both prevented and reversed with a change in diet. Plantable’s Reboot program is focused on becoming a “prescription” for effective and sustained weight loss. Today, people can use their Healthcare Spending Accounts savings towards the price of the Reboot program, with plans for comprehensive coverage from health insurers.

With clinical trials in place and a strong customer base: what’s next for Plantable?

Exciting months are ahead. With the conclusion of the ongoing rigorous clinical trials, Dr. Pinnavaia is working towards Plantable being a clinically proven dietary lifestyle prescription, not just for weight loss, but for a host of other chronic conditions, like pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and heart disease that are consuming our health.

After receiving an influx of cash, the company was able to focus Q1 on getting the best team in place. They’ve brought on a seasoned and diverse group of individuals with extensive market experience, from executive chefs, a medical advisor, a nutrition advisor, and a dynamic team of kitchen staff.

Q2 is now focused on the operations side. Dr. Pinnavaia is taking the time to form deep relationships with distributors and medical institutions as the first clinically supported lifestyle program. Following a successful year of progress, 2022 is all about driving B2C revenues and building a strong foundation for those new relationships.

Fad dieting and wellness trends only make people crave more of what is hurting them, with no end in sight. As we go through this worldwide epidemic of obesity, Plantable is breaking the crappy food cycle. One person at a time, the program continues to successfully move people into the real-food cycle. People deserve a clinically supported program, and access to it, that helps them lose weight in a safe, effective and sustained way. Plantable is hitting all those marks, making sure that individuals can stay on this routine for life. The way the company has brought together nutritional science and behavioural science proves that sustainable change is possible. This positions them for major success ahead.

The company has rooted itself in a stand-out position to take advantage of market developments and drive success through its strong financial and strategic operational model.

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“Plantable’s clinical trials with leading medical institutions sets the foundation for its mission to be a leader in the (delicious) ‘Food as Medicine’ sector and be prescribed as the chosen clinically effective program for the reversal of diet-related chronic disease,” says Dr. Pinnavaia.

To learn about investing with Plantable Inc., visit its website here.

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