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Ayurvedacharya Dr Debabrata Sen Shares Holistic Method To Wholesome Residing

Ayurvedacharya Dr Debabrata Sen Shares Holistic Method To Wholesome Residing

Ayurvedacharya Dr Debabrata Sen Shares Holistic Method To Wholesome Residing

Quick meals and rising technological developments in a fast-paced world make us sluggish and unhealthy. Whereas they make our lives simpler, they’ll additionally find yourself making us lazier. Brief-lived features, chemical compounds, and indiscipline in life solely result in quite a lot of power and life-style problems. In a post-pandemic world, ‘well being is wealth’ holds extra that means than ever. However irrespective of how a lot you strive, generally it turns into difficult to keep up a stability between well being and work. And to battle this situation, many are turning to Indian drugs or Ayurveda. Ayurveda is understood to have a pure and holistic method to the human physique and supply long-term well being advantages.


Residing a life-style whereas following Ayurvedic Dincharya and weight-reduction plan can show to be a safer various to 1’s well being considerations. Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sen, who’s an Ayurvedic basic well being practitioner & a health professional, sheds mild on the subject and discusses the significance of following a ‘Dincharya’. Dr. Sen makes a speciality of curing power ailments by his Ayurvedic medicines and says following a correct ‘Dincharya’ (which mainly means ‘routine’ in Sanskrit) can do wonders.

Here’s a detailed information on methods to comply with an Ayurvedic dincharya in accordance with Dr. Debabrata Sen

  • Get up early within the morning, ideally between 5:30 am-6:00 am.

  • Bodily Train and cardio within the morning is all the time really useful. It flushes out toxins and boosts you up for the day.
  • Get restful and correct sleep. You shouldn’t be drained whenever you get up.
  • Make strolling a behavior and stroll as a lot as you may.
  • Plan and schedule your work, relaxation, and breaks. Follow the schedule.
  • Eliminate toxins out of your physique.
  • Maintain your coronary heart well being
  • Comply with the Ayurvedic precept of ‘Shatkarma’ which is the idea of cleaning your physique, soul, and thoughts.
  • Use Ayurvedic oils to therapeutic massage your physique.
  • Follow yoga and meditation day by day.

Ayurveda advises to stay awake throughout the day as it might trigger fatigue, have an effect on your temper, and can also trigger psychological imbalances.


Dr. Sen talked about that following an Ayurvedic dincharya together with a conscious weight-reduction plan retains the physique wholesome and moving into the long term. He lists an Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan meal plan based mostly on Ayurvedic drugs. He says, “In Ayurveda, a bit of of something is taken into account a medication, and an excessive amount of of something is taken into account toxin or poison. Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan offers us an inventory of meals to eat and what to keep away from based mostly on one’s tridoshas – Vata, pitta, or Kapha. Not following the Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan can provide rise to a number of well being considerations, together with poor cognitive operate, temper and sleep problems, diabetes, weight problems, coronary heart illness, and others.”

Listed below are sure guidelines that one should comply with in an Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan

  • Bedtime should be by 10.30 pm at evening with an uninterrupted sleep of seven hours.
  • Anticipate at the very least two hours post-dinner to hit the mattress.
  • Begin your day with luke heat water and sip just a few glasses all through the day.
  • Clear your tongue whereas brushing your enamel within the morning.
  • Keep well being bowel routine.
  • Eat heat cooked meals for breakfast and keep away from chilly juices or chilly milk. The ayurvedic weight-reduction plan suggests having milk within the night or nighttime earlier than going to mattress.
  • For a noon snack, have seasonal fruits. Ones those that have a excessive kapha dosha can have an apple, those that have excessive pitta can have an orange, and those that have vatta can have mango. Understand that one shouldn’t have any fruits post-sunset.
  • Embrace brown rice and curd in your weight-reduction plan however would not have curd post-sunset.
  • Eat Meat and Non-vegetarian meals in limitation.
  • Self-discipline is critical for the Ayurvedic dincharya and weight-reduction plan.


Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Satavari are three medicinal herbs extensively utilized in making Ayurvedic drugs. They’ll additionally work wonders in a number of power ailments. Ayurveda focuses on discovering out the basis downside of an ailment, quite than wanting on the signs and prescribing medicines based mostly on them. The holistic medicines from the Parampara Ayurved vary goal to revive well being by understanding the underlining causes of the ailments. It tries to handle the basis causes and detoxifies and cleanses physique tissues. It additionally balances bodily doshas together with full treatment and care.

Dr. Sen additionally added that one should clearly define one’s aim, and obtain the identical by main a disciplined life with out shortcuts, following a dinacharya and an ayurvedic weight-reduction plan plan. When your face glows, you’ll understand it’s an indication of fine well being, he concludes.

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