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Cleveland Community College offers health and fitness program

Cleveland Community College offers health and fitness program

It really is difficult to get bored in one of Whitney Cliff’s classes.

“I don’t forget what it was like in college to just be sitting down in course conversing. So on Monday and Tuesday we may possibly be in class getting notes, but then on Wednesday we work in labs,” stated Cliff, the instructor at the coronary heart of Cleveland Group College’s new well being and health application.

Individuals labs could selection from the school’s going for walks track or at the YMCA, functioning with trainers and clients. Starting in the drop they could also incorporate the college’s just lately opened body weight rooms.

Here’s to your health and fitness: Cleveland Group College or university debuts its new physical fitness center

The health and fitness and exercise system is a new addition to Cleveland Local community College’s choices, supplying learners an on ramp into professions in personalized education, strength education and conditioning and dietician specialists, amid others.