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Exfoliating Gloves Are Trending on TikTok: Should You Try Them?

Exfoliating Gloves Are Trending on TikTok: Should You Try Them?

Well being and elegance hacks are abundant on TikTok, mainly because most of us are open up to any solution or strategy that might boost our self-care or simplify our day by day program. The most recent trend sweeping the movie-sharing internet site guarantees a far more productive and productive solution to a typical skin-care observe: exfoliation.

The notion of making use of an exfoliating glove to slough off useless pores and skin isn’t new — Korean spas have been giving the service for many decades. Yet the oddly fulfilling images of useless pores and skin cells shedding from users’ bodies on social media are producing the technique to have a instant. On TikTok the search time period “exfoliating gloves” yields a whopping 128.7 million views, while #exfoliatingglove has racked up extra than 62 million views, with hundreds of consumers sharing their own video proof that the price range-welcoming beauty product is far more helpful at sloughing undesirable lifeless pores and skin off the human body than other physical or chemical exfoliators.

The gloves look comparable to a tanning mitt and are worn about the hand. Most films provide a very similar demonstration: Users rub the glove up and down their legs and other physique sections, oftentimes immediately after soaking in a tub, resulting in seen skin shedding.

A silk exfoliating glove from No. 1 Illume has reached cultlike status on TikTok. One particular video clip shared by Hana Amara in which she used the glove from the British natural beauty brand name has been considered above 6.6 million instances. Not only does it supply physical evidence that the glove efficiently and immediately sheds dead skin, but she says it is the only aid her sister, who has the pores and skin condition keratosis pilaris, has found to treat her dry, rough patches of skin with small bumps.

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