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Singer Jewel predicted the death of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

“He is likely to die,” Jewel claimed.

The COVID-19 pandemic had prevented the popular people singer from looking at her mate Tony Hsieh — the internet innovator and CEO who aimed to transform corporate America with an ethos of pleasure — for months. When she at last visited him in August of 2020, the scene inside his lavish Park Metropolis, Utah, compound terrified her.

The floors of the house had been included with vacant canisters of nitrous oxide, the brain-altering fuel that Hsieh, 46, huffed continuously. His emaciated body quivered with excitement as he babbled about strategies to start a new place and remedy globe peace.

Sink and shower faucets ran day and night time to evoke the audio of waterfalls. Pet dog droppings lay anywhere Hsieh’s treasured terrier, Blizzy, still left them — they have been “parts of nature,” the tech guru said.

Singer Jewel predicted the death of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh
As CEO of, Hsieh was heralded for his embrace of staff pleasure. But he was also residing an erratic and tragic daily life of his very own, surrounded by flunkies who did very little to help save him from his demons. The new e book “Happy at Any Cost” appears at his downfall.
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Fascinated by hearth, Hsieh held hundreds of candles burning through the dwelling, whilst a fireplace ring in his bedroom blazed with an open up flame. Dozens of paid out hangers-on who lived with him in the mansion he identified as “the Ranch” seemed oblivious to their weird surroundings.

Jewel, who has operate a mental overall health nonprofit in the yrs since her pop heyday in the 1990s, could see that Hsieh desired support. But he waved off her tries to discuss his precarious mental point out.

“If he kills himself and anyone else in there from a enormous fire,” she mentioned as she departed, “you cannot say you ended up not warned.”

3 months afterwards, Hsieh was lifeless, asphyxiated by a fireplace he sparked inside a locked get rid of — a coronavirus target who will under no circumstances be counted in the pandemic’s official toll.

Hsieh, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, was the founder of Zappos.
Hsieh, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, was the founder of Zappos.
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“He was definitely a immediate casualty of COVID,” author Kirsten Grind told The Publish. “When the entire world shut down in March 2020, it took absent his life’s full function: becoming all-around men and women.”

In “Happy at Any Cost” (Simon & Schuster), out Tuesday, Grind and co-writer Katherine Sayre, colleagues at the Wall Street Journal, tell the devastating story of a outstanding male whose hidden psychological health problems doomed him in a locked-down globe.

Hsieh, the son of Taiwanese immigrants who raised him in Marin County, Calif., was the founder of Zappos. The online shoe-sales company valued worker joy and was fueled by extravagant events and a love of “weirdness,” with Hsieh inquiring likely staff: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are you?”

“Our amount one priority as a firm is organization culture,” he stated in 2010. Workplace joy, he thought, would 1st produce enterprise success, then mend the world’s ills.

Hsieh’s friend Jewel, the singer, was shocked by his living conditions before his death. Here, she performs at his eulogy.
Hsieh’s mate Jewel, the singer, was stunned by his living disorders ahead of his death. Listed here, she performs at his eulogy.

The first element really seemed to function. Happy Zappos workers sold thousands and thousands of footwear, and Hsieh acquired an believed $840 million when he bought the business to Amazon in 2009. He stayed on as Zappos’ CEO.

Hsieh’s philosophy was fueled by rave lifestyle and by the yearly Burning Gentleman pageant, wherever thousands of techies and artists assemble for a communal 7 days of wild self-expression. He reveled in the power of what he referred to as the “hive change,” the emotional demand he felt as part of a substantial crowd.

“When you encounter it, it is pure awe,” Hsieh stated in 2014.

He put in $350 million to purchase up a operate-down aspect of Las Vegas and transform it into a everlasting Burning Male local community. His quirky lifetime there, in an Airstream trailer park amid a loyal crew of creatives, a regular stream of customer, and a pet alpaca named Marley, made headlines.

Happy At Any Cost
Hsieh’s philosophy was fueled by rave culture.

But beneath the party-hearty facade, Hsieh was beset by untreated mental well being complications, like social anxiousness, despair and what he believed to be a variety of autism spectrum problem.

“He was this kind of a contradiction,” Grind stated. “With this rigorous social nervousness, you’d think he would avoid team cases. But as an alternative, Tony derived joy from them.

“He was drawing on other people’s strength like a drug.”

Happy Zappos workers sold millions of shoes, and Hsieh earned an estimated $840 million when the company sold to Amazon in 2009. Hsieh stayed on as CEO.
Happy Zappos personnel bought millions of footwear, and Hsieh attained an approximated $840 million when the enterprise sold to Amazon in 2009. Hsieh stayed on as CEO.

Hsieh hardly ever sought professional remedy, but self-medicated, to begin with with liquor. At Zappos, “it would not be odd to see the CEO do a shot in the middle of the working day or at a meeting,” Grind and Sayre generate, or for underlings to be invited to do the similar.

“I have to consume,” Hsieh once instructed a girlfriend. “It’s the only way I can stay in the now. It is the only way I can get out of my head.”

By early 2020, his major use of the hallucinogen ketamine had near buddies involved. Hsieh was turning out to be delusional, speaking with manic intensity about ketamine’s power to rescue humanity from a “Matrix”-like simulation that managed the planet.

That February, Hsieh agreed to a brief stint at a rehab in Park Metropolis, the place he owned a tiny holiday vacation property he utilized through the Sundance Film Pageant each and every 12 months.

According to "Happy At Any Cost," Hsieh was plagued by untreated mental health problems, including social anxiety, depression and what he believed to be a form of autism spectrum disorder.
According to “Happy At Any Value,” Hsieh was plagued by untreated mental overall health issues, together with social nervousness, melancholy and what he believed to be a sort of autism spectrum dysfunction.

“He was acting erratically, and he was the CEO of Zappos,” Grind explained. “He had to be pretty strongly certain that his conduct could replicate badly on the business. But he did not assume he needed rehab.”

Two weeks later he emerged, drug-absolutely free and keen to embark on a strategy to make a network of getaway rentals in Park City. He settled there quickly to buy up properties.

Then the pandemic strike. The communal lifestyle of his urban trailer park was destroyed as lockdowns and remain-property orders took keep.

Hsieh's Utah sprawling estate became his safe haven during the pandemic where he invited others to stay with him.
Hsieh’s sprawling Utah estate grew to become his harmless haven all through the pandemic where he invited other folks to continue to be with him.

“Initially you noticed him rise to the occasion,” Grind reported. Hsieh directed Zappos’ COVID reaction from Utah, overseeing a smooth transition to remote work for his Las Vegas-based workers.

But in just months, “it all just fell apart,” she extra. “By the conclusion of March, he was mainly calling everyone he’d ever achieved — and he had hundreds of acquaintances — and effectively indicating, ‘COVID be damned, we’re just likely to get persons below.’”

Hsieh paid nearly $16 million to buy a mountain compound the place he could form a utopian COVID-cost-free community with his expanding entourage. The 9-bedroom, 13-bath key household sat on 18 acres of land with a non-public lakefront seashore. The deal bundled a million-dollar enticement for the house owners to shift out instantly.

Soon Hsieh was supplying to double the income of anyone who agreed to join his Park Town group. The offer drew a flock of flunkies who busied on their own by coming up with harebrained small business strategies, like launching incredibly hot-air balloons from the ranch’s backyard, that the addled Hsieh funded generously.

“There was just no incentive for these people to aid him get well,” Grind explained.

Hsieh poses with his autobiography, "Delivering Happiness."
Hsieh poses with his autobiography, “Delivering Contentment.”

And the tiny group couldn’t satisfy Hseih’s need to interact with scores of diverse individuals each individual working day. Soon he was substituting hits of nitrous oxide — also acknowledged as whippets and applied by dentists as an anesthetic and by cooks to make whipped cream — to chase the high he the moment got from human get in touch with. He was inhaling 50 canisters a day when Jewel observed him in August.

By then, Amazon had quietly lost patience with its wayward superstar. Grind and Sayers reveal that Hsieh’s incoherence in a June cellular phone get in touch with with Jeff Wilke, the Amazon executive who oversaw Zappos, set off alarm bells at the mum or dad company.

“Wilke did not put him on a official go away,” Grind reported. “He just claimed, generally, get on your own jointly, arrive back again, and we’ll figure it out. And Tony was just not able to appear back again.”

At the finish of August, the Las Vegas Assessment-Journal ran a quick merchandise: “Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, Champion of Downtown Las Vegas, Retires.” The get together-loving founder didn’t get a excellent-bye bash or even an official departure announcement from the organization he designed.

Hsieh was staying at the Connecticut home of former girlfriend Rachael Brown when he barricaded himself in the attached shed (on the right of the house), where a mysterious fire led to his death.
Hsieh was staying at the Connecticut home of former girlfriend Rachael Brown when he barricaded himself in the hooked up get rid of (on the proper of the property), where by a mysterious fire led to his dying.

“Amazon didn’t drive him out specifically,” Grind explained, “But they compelled his hand.”

That slide, Hsieh took his entourage on a frenzied travel spree from Utah to Alaska to Puerto Rico to Connecticut, wherever they stayed at the waterside house of Rachael Brown, a former girlfriend who experienced been living at the ranch.

As the group prepared to head to Hawaii for the upcoming leg of their journey, Hsieh’s elderly pet Blizzy, half-blind and ailing, had to be place down. The animal was buried in Brown’s back property.

Firefighters at the scene of house fire that led to Hsieh's death.
Firefighters at the scene of household fireplace that led to Hsieh’s dying.

“Tony was despondent,” Grind and Sayre write. “He thought he had missing his a person genuine lover.”

A few times immediately after Blizzy’s death, Hsieh locked himself into a smaller storage lose stuffed with pool machines and folding chairs, a few steps from the dog’s grave. He lit a candle and fired up a propane space heater as he took hits of nitrous oxide. Staff checked on him each several minutes, bringing pizza, drinking water and more whippets.

Brown’s backyard safety technique recorded the instant at 3:15 a.m. when Hsieh took his final look at the exterior environment. Wisps of smoke curled out as he opened the doorway. He closed himself again in with the smoldering flames.

He was unconscious, but not terribly burned, when the New London Hearth Division broke by means of the door 15 minutes later on. But the smoke he inhaled prompted catastrophic mind hurt.

Hsieh's death was later ruled an accident.
Hsieh’s death was later dominated an incident.

Hsieh in no way awakened. He died in a close by healthcare facility on Nov. 27. The induce of loss of life was dominated an accident.

Days later on, Jewel posted a touching tribute to him on Instagram. She recalled a discussion they after had about the meaning of achievement.

“His reply was: the willingness to get rid of it all,” she reported via tears. “That’s what it definitely will take — you have to set your complete heart into something you feel.”

Gazing into the digicam, she sang “Somewhere Around the Rainbow.”

“Tony, may perhaps you be above the rainbow with the bluebirds,” she said. “And your anxieties far powering.”

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