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Celebrity Health and Beauty Trends You Can Do at Home

Celebrity Health and Beauty Trends You Can Do at Home

Audra shows how Jennifer Aniston supercharges her coffee.

Celebrities can sometimes have quirky habits but often Hollywood’s starlets have the best trainers, nutritionists and chefs so therefore are in the loop of what works and what doesn’t. We’ve got two celebrity lifestyle hacks that caught our attention.

Jennifer Aniston supercharges her cups of coffee with collagen peptides.  Aniston reports it increases the feeling of fulness by 40{1fe914e106df6225bb3c67f37dba2a8b6830f14e47c21384029ab7e72e228722}, increases lean muscle mass and boosts metabolism.  She has become the spokesperson for one of the brands.   We’ve talked about the benefits of adding collagen protein into your diet on Carolina A.M.  Audra adds it to her coffee along with coconut oil.  Greg tries it for the first time on Carolina A.M.

Gabrielle Union, best known for films She’s all That, Bring it On, and the series Being Mary Jane, drinks a gallon of water a day.  She’s been doing this since her 30’s and says it’s the key to having good hair, nails, and skin. She drinks it throughout the day, aiming to get 8 cups in before noon and the other half by 6 p.m.  Gabrielle’s 16 cups is just over what the The National Academies of Medicine recommends, which is 15 cups for men, and 11 for women.

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